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Custom Software Solutions

Whether you are just starting to consider computerization or require more effective software for your business, you will find Prinke Software Systems, Inc. can support your company. Our programs and support are a tool for your business.  
Reliable Support

Established in 1986 Prinke Software Systems, Inc. predominately serves the Fox Valley area of Illinois, but does maintain clients throughout the United States.  
Conservative Approach

Prinke Software Systems, Inc. has a conservative approach to computerization, basically to conserve your money and time in an industry that is often confusing for a business unfamiliar with computers. Additional members of our staff provide engineering skills, graphics, web publishing, support and training. 
Service Scope

Our company has been involved in every aspect of computer use in business from accounting and office applications, machine control, graphics, bar coding to Internet use and web publishing/hosting. You can rely on Prinke Software Systems, Inc. for value in computer programming and consulting. 

  • Modular Design- Start with one package and add additional software at your pace, integrating features that give you more control over your business.
  • Customized programs that fit manufacturing standards are detailed to save personnel and time.
  • Know where the work is in your facility and conform to the shipping specifications of your customers.
  • You can have customized reports for your investors, accountants, and customers.
  • Prinke Software Systems, Inc. programs and systems support are a tool for your business.
  • On site, training of our custom software reduces the cost incurred starting a new system. You become productive faster.
Management & Computing Consulting

Prinke Software Systems, Inc. supports all aspects of computing for small business. Total support of hardware and software provides you a single supplier, integrity, and connectivity.
  • Integration

    We know hardware and recommend a cost-effective approach that gets results. Hardware and software are tuned to work together for optimum results. Our systems approach means more reliability for you. You don't need to know the computer industry as well as your own. Our conservative, cost effect handling of hardware provides a strong backbone for your company's computer hardware needs.

  • Network Platforms

    As your company grows Prinke Software Systems, Inc. can expand or update your network. We support:

    Microsoft NT ™
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server™
    Microsoft Windows 2003 Server™
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional™
    Novell Network™
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional™
    Microsoft Vista™

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Phone: 847-888-2930

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