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Bar Code Tracking System  


Software that provides accurate labor cost accounting by order, and product tracking on the shop floor.


Bar Code Tracking is particularly suitable to custom manufactures, job shops, and assembly shops. The Bar Code Tracking System is a custom application program written specifically to provide accurate labor cost accounting on a per order basis. Furthermore, a second benefit is the ability to track product flow in real time, showing which stage of the process the product is in and flows to this time. The benefits of such a system go beyond knowing the actual labor hours and cost for a given order, but include improving the quoting accuracy, elimination or re-pricing of losing projects, capacity planning, and identification of processes that are candidates to re-engineer. The Bar Code Tracking System was designed and tested in cooperation with both a manufacture and a service organization, thus assuring real world features and functionality.

Bar Code Tracking utilizes a bar coded process control sheet that travels with the product as it flows through the process. Bar coded personnel identification badges provide the second element in the system. The third element is scanning units that are located in the various operations areas (departments). Using these three elements the Bar Code Tracking System is able to gather and report the necessary data by order, department, and person; and report real-time the location(s) of the order material. You can then spend your valuable time managing projects to on-time completion, accurate costing, maximizing product routing and flow, machine utilization, and re-engineering selected processes.

  • Easy Menu driven Interface for managers
  • Display Scanners provide responses and coach employees to
     correct scanning procedure
  • Flexible - People can work in several departments - 
    new departments can be added
  • Secure - Scanning employees have no access to labor rates
  • Control - YOU set Scan-In and Scan-Out Rules, 
    exception time period, etc.
  • Job Progress Report
    Shows scan Time, Dept., Person ID # and hours for latest 
    and all previous scans for this job
  • Multi - Job Status
    Shows latest scan for all jobs in progress - 
    (Location Report)
  • Labor Cost Report by Department
    Time and labor cost by department for job
  • Totals for Job
    Grand total for all time and labor cost for report period
  • Single Department
    All reported time and labor cost in report period
  • Single Order
    Subtotal by department, total for order
  • By Employee
  • Subtotal by date
  • Total all reported time and
    labor cost for report period
  • Exception Report
  • Employee time intervals exceeding criteria - invalid

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